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Every member you refer is your member for life!

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The more sales you drive the higher your commission percentage.


Level 1 Affiliate (beginning level) = 15%

Level 2 Affiliate (after 50 sales) = 20%

Level 3 Affiliate (after 100 sales) = 25%

Level 4 Affiliate (after 200 sales) = 30%

Level 5 Affiliate (after 1000 sales) = 50%


Our plans are as follows:

New member registration = £1

1 Month = £5.99

3 Months = £16.99

6 Months = £29.99

1 Year = £49.99


Your commission per sale is based on your Affiliate level. All affiliates start at 15% commission on the above prices. For example, a member registers through your link for the first time, you get €0.15 for the member registration. If that member decides to take out a plan, you will receive 15% of that plan as a level 1 affiliate and any further plans the member purchases. If you make 50 sales, your commission % increases to 20% and so on. Make 200 sales and you reach level 4 with a commission of 30% on every sale.


You earn commission on every sale from each member you refer to us. So if a member renews their plan when it expires, you will earn commission on their renewal.

The more people you send to us, the more recurring revenue you make and the higher commission you earn per sale.


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