We have done our best for you all to provide 78 HD and 48 SD channels at a really low price. We work really hard to keep this website and the service running at a huge expense. Both Admin and Iain run the website alone, its a lot of hours and a lot of hard work. It is also very expensive and we are not yet breaking even.

We tried the donation system, we tried the free system with advertising and both did not work. We decided to charge a small fee to members and that started out with a lot of promise and acceptance but it is not working out. We need more paying members to get to the point where the website is supporting itself.

At the moment, there are free sites who are running with ads and donations. Those free sites do not have any expenses because they take channels from other websites, they have tried on numerous occasions to steal our channels and continue to do so, but we work hard to block them. The free sites come and go, eventually giving up. They are also loaded with popups that infect devices with malware. People don´t see this, they just see a site that they can watch TV for free, though nothing is free! Each time a popup is loaded, it installs malicious code onto the user device, the owner of the website gets paid. Its malicious, a disgusting thing to do and also puts the legit sites at risk of failure.

Our expenses are more than what we make in paid plans, a lot more. The hours put in to the site to maintain it, answer questions, keep the channels running etc are many and neither Admin or Iain are getting paid. In-fact, Iain is the main donor who spends a lot of time working for free and Admin has invested a lot of money and time to provide you with low cost TV on a platform that is developing to suit everyone.

We need your help, we hate to ask, but if you have anything spare please make a small donation. All donations, no matter how small, go towards our increasing expenses to keep the site alive and the plans low cost. Please support us and keep this project alive. Eventually the free sites disappear, the options become far less for TV viewing. Other options are lots more expensive. The free sites who steal channels from other services are far less reliable and are really hitting us hard.

Please support us, we appreciate every single donation. We will continue to work hard bringing in new members, providing a low cost service and getting it right for you all.

Thank you.