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Please read the following terms before making payment to access the Pro Area…

  1. Any plans are non-recurring. Plans run from date of payment for the selected period of time only.
  2. We cannot guarantee any TV channels, videos, radio stations, content or quality of an media. Channels are provided from third party sources and can go offline at any time. We do our best to provide a reliable service and fix problems when they occur. You can report problems on the updates page.
  3. You must read this page here and make sure you follow each and every step before reporting any problems.
  4. You will not post spam, including, links to other websites, email addresses or any other contact information anywhere in our community.
  5. You will not abuse or insult other members.
  6. Racism, religion, pornographic material and any form of illegal activity is strictly prohibited.
  7. You will not start any payment chargebacks or disputes. If you are not happy with any part of our community, you can request a refund within 48 hours of payment via our contact form here. Any disputes will result in your account termination, block and no refund.
  8. Our website is locked to one user device per account. You must never give your login details to any other person. Doing so will prevent you from accessing our community if the other person is using your account.
  9. You must also agree to have read and understood our Privacy Policy.
  10. We do not guarantee the uptime of our website. Websites can go offline for many reasons, including, upgrades, attacks, software or hardware failure. If our website is offline, we are working on getting it back online as fast as possible.
  11. You agree to have read all of the above before making payment to us.
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